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@sue_lexie the Tangerine video is for you STOP DISTURBING MY EYE!!!!!


I don't agree with the paint, tic-tac and especially the tangerine. Hell to the no. How can you waste tangerine like that? 😀


Lol nice


Wow @estolicah... Tanx... @annabel_benson u shud see dis


Africans don't like change..they like it like that.😂


My whole life has been a lieee 😭


@irokviralz1 how dare u tag me😭😭😭😭 so i can feel terrible now😧😧😧😧😧


@mozaicemmanuel nope, mouthing u


Are all dis neccesary 😥


Wow...plenty mistake


The garlic own is a lie


No time for serenren


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The garlic aspect na scam. How can garlic peel itself by mere shaking




I ain't gat no time😂😂😂


@jessica_adaa you are welcome


The garlic peeling makes sense


Are you kidney me? 🤧🤧🤧


Who has this fucking time😣😒


Lol ,,,the tangerine o weak me o


We'll still arrive at the same result na...why so serious? 😒


@mikechigo epp me tell them ooo. Plenty drama on top peeling tangerine fah

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