Meet 10-yr-old Aisha Gebi, who met President Buhari after her open letter to him, tells us what he gave her.
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Oya wia is ma own niece too ooo. Oya start writing LETTER, DEBATE, infact, write ESSAY too. We must not carry last😮😮😮

Peace Picky

Come na only book book he give the girl

Raylouis Agha

Am sure the cheque was given to her parents.Remember how those irritating Elders used to do when we were young😃😃😃!!!

Sanusi Oladapo Skuki

She is so sound


Come abroad..he wont give more than flowers or chocolate..i think wat he gave her is right..she is still young..she is happy with what she got

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Osho Abiola Adewale

Na only Hausa letters they reach where baba dey. hypocrite

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