Drone footage shows Rohingya refugees fleeing in a mass exodus from Myanmar into Bangladesh (πŸŽ₯ via UNHCR)




The pope is filthy rich πŸ€‘ he should be there in person and helping them with supplies, medical attention, and show more love towards them. Send troops to protect them and give them houses


LΓ‘stima esse mundo em que vivemos


The UN is a farce!


Where's the UN?


Why UN doing nothing for them!??


Bro you are not going here no joke @blakeloveslamp


@elnazadibiniya unfortunately, people are dieing in silence everywhere :( a sad reality of the world weve created


@cnn please give us the context


@vanss_a UN cannot fix this. Only God kingdom can.


@mariahooshiar pray for God's Kingdom to come. Jehovah's Witnesses will help you know what to do.


@z3a0c3h Sorry, not "driven out." "Persecuted."


@z3a0c3h The Rohingyans are Muslims being driven out by a Buddhist majority. I don't think you know what you're talking about.


@cnn IS ABSOLUTELY RACIST!!!!! Disgusting


@deelightfulcm yeah it’s sad


Where is Humanity ??????😒😒poor people died in silence


They are moving to Sharia Land! They want that. The mosques will feed them.


praying 😭😒

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