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Game 3, like the #NLCS so far, is all @Dodgers.

Game 3, like the #NLCS so far, is all @Dodgers.



I liked then unliked b/c I remembered I was a cubs fan




cubs played with there heart more then the la did


@adrian10__ there's a reason they won the NL pennant


cubs should have won


@eliezerslz uno mas pa la serie mundial mi apaaaa 💪💪


@yahtzyjny lol okay, try making it to the second round. I think that’s better


@mrarias27 yeah I am if we choke the ones who took advantage choke too 🙂👍2-3 is not fun but it’s better the 0-3 and maybe 0-4


Win loss ratio tho 🤔


Yankees blew it in 2004 to the Red Sox hope the Dodgers will learn from the Yankees.


Can't wait till the dodgers do the annual choking




They'll win game 4


@ksaav7 they will! 😬


I watch every game at least 5 innings @nickcaponee


@ritchie11 I don’t :)))


@ksaav7 I hope the dodgers beat em!!!! 😬


Depends who’s on the bump


Let's go Dodgers


awesome!! bring on the sweep!


@jssstttnnn you obviously never watched the Yankee game


Yankees game was boring NL is life


Such a boring series 😴 AL always dominates ratings


Let's not get ahead now.

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