As local legend has it, the town of Villalba was the first city in Puerto Rico to get electrical light more than 100 years ago. But now, people wonder if this might be one of the last places to get the lights turned back on. It's been four weeks since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, and it remains in a state of crisis. This drone video with @edlavacnn shows some of the impact.

Puerto Rico normal


Virginia Geddes

Shame on Trump not to really help! and other Americsns too


The island won't be repaired in one month but many, many more months! Their mayor is an idiot. She just opens her trap at the wrong time. Get a new mayor, folks!

Elizabeth Tatum

So sorry ! You need more help!


:(( I’m sorry PR

Emily Atkins

It's a shame weren't doing enough for the Island

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