As local legend has it, the town of Villalba was the first city in Puerto Rico to get electrical light more than 100 years ago. But now, people wonder if this might be one of the last places to get the lights turned back on. It's been four weeks since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, and it remains in a state of crisis. This drone video with @edlavacnn shows some of the impact.

Puerto Rico




Shame on Trump not to really help! and other Americsns too


The island won't be repaired in one month but many, many more months! Their mayor is an idiot. She just opens her trap at the wrong time. Get a new mayor, folks!


So sorry ! You need more help!


:(( I’m sorry PR


It's a shame weren't doing enough for the Island




Despacito jump


@youngbloodsus totally agree πŸ‘ with u


😭😭 My heart aches for my pawpaws homeland. Praying for y'all daily! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»


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Want to see what and how the $$$ that have been collected are going to used on the island .... if given to the govt, the ppl will never see a single penny because PR govt officials are one of the most corrupt govt I have ever seen ..... that is why the island is in the condition it is now ..... there has always been $$$ to be used to update the electrical, water, phone systems but it always has gone to the wrong pockets ..... Many yrs ago, I worked at municipal govt of San Juan and saw corruption 1st hand ...... love my beautiful island but hate the ppl in govt ......


@american_eagle_223 that was the Secretary of State .... only because David Begnaud, great journalist , told him about it and asked to investigate ..... those supplies were left there because govt official are so corrupt in PR .....


@conxious1 your just mad because your a retard and it's the politicians of Puerto Rico looking for their 15 min of fame. The actual citizens are praising the federal govt and blaming local politicians for withholding emergency supplies. And yes I know PR is a us territory. Trust me you will lose any argument the geography of the United States. Your just a triggered retard who believes everything nazi groups like the democrats, CNN say and other hate groups like black lives matter. Fucking retard


CNN Hippocrates Idiots all they do is collect for cable bills and then donate 1 Billion Dollars to Africa but to Americans in Puerto Rico just show images. Evil liars.


With pride, for over 100 years.


I am from Ponce and have family there. Most American dont know that WE are American Citizens by Birth and have Server oΓ­r great naciΓ³n ei


Nice shot, @cnn drone pilot. πŸ‘πŸΌ


So sad our Government, White House, Party officials abandoned these Americans, this Island, this part of U.S. territory because we have a racist, bigoted, hateful President.


El lugar erfecto para filmar pelΓ­culas ajajaja


@omi_omar_dreamer have you looked into your local services to help them out? Food Banks, shelters, churches etc?


Forever praying πŸ™πŸΎ


@justindru he doesn't read them, which is why he never has anything profound to say he just says what comes to mind. There are more videos on the same thing watch the one w the guy from SNL. In the past there was a whole collective video about it but I see now it was taken down.

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