50 Cent

Time to make the donuts, stop chasing her chase the bag. 💰

Time to make the donuts, stop chasing her chase the bag. 💰




Just so handsome @50cent


You smooth looking motherfucker @50cent


Where do you buy your suits from? I mainly follow your page for your suits they're really neat! , and also because, get the strap! haha


Wish I knew him!!


@50cent Such a distinguished look! Love it!🔥🔥


I wanna unbutton yo pants just a lil bit take em off pull em down just a lil bit😜😜😜


I don't won't know fame, lets TalK.....




Your Fine as Fuck anybody tell U that here's a😗 🤣 tippy


Your Fine ass Fuck anybody tell U that here's a 😘


I guess you cleaned up @50cent 😚


Just fly as can be !!!! @50cent


That suit is everything @50cent


You are so fine.... Damn..😩😍😍🌊☔️ @50cent


Wearing the hell outtof that suit.. nice


There is nothing like a man who knows how to dress like a man! I see you 50!😍


Next power cast 🙏🙏 right here


50 my favorite, you're the maximum . The BEST ever


‼️SCREENWRITER‼️that needs a chance at displaying my work... this will be major and I understand this is not a normal way to connect with someone on your level and this is a slim chance but if there is a chance at all then I am going to take it because I believe in my work and creativity... hopefully we can link in the near future God Bless you @50cent


Just Beautiful


Put a young black brotha on a role @50cent


isso que afirmou falencia


Wow sexi chocolate🖤🖤🖤🖤

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