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AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: Call of Duty®️: WWII has arrived! Hope you're ready. #CODWWII 🇦🇺🇳🇿

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: Call of Duty®: WWII has arrived! Hope you're ready. #CODWWII 🇦🇺🇳🇿




Best COD launch I've ever experienced


We were ready, were you?


Servers are not good ples fix


@tyrone_the_wizard maybe because u don’t have PlayStation Plus


La mejor campaña incluyendo cod4


I can’t get on the multiplayer servers


Very fun game




@eric_sirochman cause you're an autist who has nothing to defend his own words with. @supreme_bosnian




Fix them servers plis☺️☺️


@immatabbycat probably cuz it’s tomorrow over there and that’s fair I guess idk


Gotta say, you really outdid yourselves, I feel like a kid again!


What about Arizona??


@eric_sirochman then why did you say why not America 🤔


Yay playing it now in New Zealand


Yeaaa Australia !!!!!!!!!


What about cali




@frans_14_95_ for me is 5 hours 50 mins 🙏


@zacckkberrg yeah I know about a time zone I'm not stupid


@eric_sirochman different time zone if your east coast 12 am I'm west so at 9pm


Got mine today so keen


Why not America


@sethnacca should be available at the same time for everyone


يبوي لعبتكم كلها لاققق

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