This extraordinary GoPro footage from Raqqa, Syria, was taken by a Brazilian filmmaker who was embedded with Syrian Democratic Forces for months. (πŸŽ₯: Gabriel Chaim)

11,100 Raqqah, Ar Raqqah, Syria



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@hamidmasoominejad isis isn't dead yet. An probably have to kill out another terrorist cell. Multiple work in the same area as Isis


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@the_guy_in_camo in the beginning all terrorist groups take support from America


@the_guy_in_camo America made Syria war against Assad and Iran


@mahdi_jesus_ what is wrong with you America at the least is bringing supplies to the civilians


America and Europe will destroy all the world with their evil policies


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It was taken curtesy of the United States Marine Corps


Start reporting on the real story with Niger. You’re falling into Trumps bluff.




Why you don't post the wonderful pictures of the very big "Abdullah Γ–calan" banners made in Rakka by your YPG Terror Dogs? In that way you can honour your lovely Toy Terrorist Brothers. That these Terrorists are one of the ENEMIES of your NATO partner Turkey doesn't matter at all, because you are the mighty AMERICA, you can change any rule if it is for your interests, call other countries as TERRORIST SUPPORTERS and afterwards attack them in any way you like. But if Turkey would have done the same as you, BETRAYED his partner by sending TONS of WEAPONs to "Al Qaida" TERRORISTs than you would call without any hesitation for WAR against Turkey. Because you are the mighty fucking AMERICA, and the BIGGEST BETRAYER and LIAR ever, the most DISHONORABLE and UNTRUSTFUL Partner ever, who uses a PROXY Military build up by TERRORISTs directly at the BORDERs of Turkey, and you even train these ENEMIES of Turkey in fucking camps near Turkey. The mighty fucking and hateful AMERICA expects from his partner Turkey to look away and do nothing. You will not reach anything at all with your crazy politics in SYRIA and Iraq if Russia, Turkey and Iran work as real PARTNERs together. You will FAIL like in Afghanistan, because you put your hope on fucking TERROISTs. You are alone and isolated, your friends are only PKK- , YPG-Terrorists, and Barzani, who has already FAILED and lost in just 1 DAY Kirkuk, so your already bad IMAGE will be seen equal as crazy and brainless MOTHER of ALL TERRORISTS! Jesus would say, "Forgive them, they don't know what they are doing" ... but you are hoping for much more CHAOS than you already have brought by the Iraq war in 2003, you want to see the complete region in CHAOS and blood ... Why does the Kurdish leaders don't ask theirself, "Can we trust America, if America even treats his Nato Partner Turkey always like a Punchbag"


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@israeltobeblessed it's only real because it fits your opinion, snowflake


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The truth about Russia #uraniumone


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Uranium one coverup!!!!


@j_vyeda_art they are going broke since Obama isn't in office is what I heard.


We want to hear about the #uranium Hilary Russian collusion !!!!!! You spent how much time on #fakenews bout Trump all year ! But won't report on the real Russian Collusion Conspiracy !!!!!!!!!!


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