This footage shows the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. It was the strongest storm to make landfall there in 85 years. (๐ŸŽฅ: Effie Nidam/#CNNAir, US Air Force)

Puerto Rico




God only knows why .


:( very very ๐Ÿ˜ž


Wow looks great! Trump is a 10 on disasters! NOT!! Poor people of PR! Hope you start getting some help!!


@yousirsname well either way I agree with you, we have severely out dated ways of transmitting electricity which the past presidents should've done, I hope Donald Trump does something about this


@peachylovelies both solutions are basic, a wrap around above ground mount and a new post underground mount.


@peachylovelies the main reason I came up with the anchor is because I noticed how posts begin to lean, which often creates uneven tensions of wires, either tightening or creating slack, thus, adding a conical disc with a bracket mount should solidify the surface area of the post mount. I hope this new technology reaches you nation as soon as possible. Best regards, A.V.I.


@peachylovelies oh, well I have a solution for that too. Transmission lines have a cross bracket. One idea I had was a folding bracket that locks into the post. The other solution for which I have drawings for is a post anchor, its a disc which is mounted on the bottom of a post before being burried. The disc is of conical shape flood system and a wind breaking system for the islands and southern America. @whitehouse and @realdonaldtrump are aware of the later ideas, but thank you for letting the people know of the faults which tamper with your home. We hope to adress the issues in accordance with you government and hope to see these solutions implemented as soon as possible. The post anchor is a brilliant idea I had during the power outages of the North over the last two years. I hope our government can cooperate with other national representatives to create and implement a working solution for everyone. @unitednations. Sincerely Your Friend ARSEN VIATCHESLAVOVICH ISMINTSEV


@yousirsname most of our houses are made of cement and so are the roofs, but there are transmission posts broken due to the intense winds. we literally hate using nails because of how shitty they are


Don't listen to Flakes..President Trump is doing good for our country.


I do not like these images.


Yup the strongest storm in history, so we should have that cleaned up in a month. The expectation that power will back in a month is a joke.


May God keep blessings upon them, and save them always like this time always.


Catastrophic destruction, ignored is intentional democratic malfunction* #boombang


@lisamichele64 Its the liberal way to blame everyone but themselves. They vote in corrupt politicians that pocket all the money, and do nothing for the people. Maybe they will wake up after this seeing everything their government DOESN'T DO FOR THEM!? But somehow I dont think so.


@luke_grunburg yes, pray the people WAKE UP AND GET RID OF THEIR CORRUPT POLITIONS DOING NOTHING FOR THEIR COUNTRY. SO SAD. Instead they want to blame Trump rather than take a good look in the mirror.


@kari_kral they had no contingency plan for a hurricane and just expected the cavalry to show up and do everything for them. You're right-people are pissed at Trump because he simply stated the facts. No reason to sugarcoat it.


Heal World Heal...Heal Nation Heal...#LordPresident #LordPriest


@canadianmoments Are you BLIND? The man is a self-proclaimed โ€œpussy grabbingโ€ predator! Who beat YOU down so much that you have no self-esteem?


@circespilates I don't know who fooled you into thinking Donald trump is against women but it's kind of sad and ironic considering you probably supported Clinton you need to take a breather from the dumbed down propaganda that the liberals are using and take a good look at who is against trump and why for the first time you finally have a leader that earnestly wants to better his country don't be fooled


@canadianmoments And you must think crap of yourself and your daughters to support that...


๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ’”my people will prevail๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


@circespilates ya that's his platform ๐Ÿ™„


@canadianmoments Youโ€™re a sad excuse for a woman, Sharon Deck.


@canadianmoments Catch phrases? Theyโ€™re Trumpโ€™s platform! Obviously youโ€™re not as politically savvy as you think you are.


@circespilates why even send a comment if your just making a list of propaganda catch phrases?


@real_tomatoes Look at that... Political stance doesnโ€™t count as harassment... perhaps youโ€™re also a megalomaniac like your president? The question is: why havenโ€™t you blocked me yet?


@canadianmoments And I guess youโ€™re wishing you couldโ€™ve voted on the racist, bigoted, White Pride, misogynist, anti-special needs, โ€œpussy grabbingโ€ platform...


Maybe Tom Steyer should donate the 10 millions ..,instead of thinking he can go against the vote of millions Americans and pay to undermine a democratic decision. You have to be rich to be an idiot


Pray for them

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