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Go beyond her work, into her world. JANE, a film about Dr. Jane Goodall is in theaters now. Head to to find a screening near you. #JANE




Outstanding 😍✌️


@samueljory hay que buscarla!!!😍


So Epic shot 😍😍Love this ❤️


@p__yummy you know me so well 😘


@michaelaaaott this looks like a movie for you, girl power


Beautiful picture 💙


@insta_noz she's my girl crush


OMG 😍🙏 a must-see


When there's going to be another film on her, I wish Angelina Jolie could be Jane.


How else would we know? Thank you.


Amazing person ❤️


What a wonderful woman and a wonderful legacy


💗💗💗 love her


Amazing film!!


MY HERO since elementary school!!!!


JANE we must watch it @kaalajadu


JANE!!!!!! 😍🐵


❤️ this film!!!


Me gustara verla


Amazing person 👌🏻


@connormjohnson pleaase can we watch?

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