I see you randy


On them thizzles




@eddiegcane save him a plate in the cookout


Invited to the cookout @liltunechi


randy bout that life,,,better recognize


Randy from North County its out there too


You grew up in the hood, didn't you?! You got too much "swag" not to have been!! @randyorton


what you know about this randy ?! lmaooooooo


Damn , Randy got that music swag tho lol


Need to start pounding the ground more often .. the whole Randy Orton vs Nexus that's when you were at your best ..


Aye lil Wayne fan too .. Orton is one of the top of all time ..legend


You riding the right mixtape


Fuck with you even more for this lol


dam...Never knew Randy Orton The Legend liked hard rap @randyorton


I like your style Randy @randyorton


Couldn't find this song. But found a song called rollen off sorry 4 the wait. Is it the same song?


This is why Randy Orton is the GOAT


@highly.favored___ what my boy randy know about weezy lol


@iwamarcus look who bumping that wayne


I knew you were my favorite wrestler for some reason


Real recognize real

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