National Geographic

#NatGeoHoy: Día Internacional del #Perezoso. ¿Sabías que los perezosos necesitan ser escaladores hábiles para poder sobrevivir en la naturaleza? #InternationalSlothDay #SlothDay



Annie Guimond

@kyla.christie3 happy national sloth day

Jose Miguel Briceño Osorio

Se alimentan del árbol de yagrumo.

Lucrecia Pereira

Son todos tiernos 😉☺️


😤 Nice shot! They said good photographers 📷always bring their cameras with them, everywhere, 🌃how many times we were in the perfect place 🌅in the right moment🏝️ without a lens to capture the moment🚀! Remember always ready to shot if you want to get close to it 😁🐬🙏🌊👁️

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