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The dog is playing basball


@a_coronell ve con tu hijo :)


Wooow! I wish something like this happens in Bangkok soon! 😍😍😍


@stephenech @knitsticks11 @nickwantspizza if i lived in nyc id make you all go to this with me.


Thank you for that post! I founded a nice book about how to train my puppy here: .This book really helped me to better understand how to interact with my friendly dog. Thanks!


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Follow me! I love dogs!


My dog Sissy was hit by a car this Thursday and we took her to the vet. We’re being charged over 1k to help her and the vet refuses to do anything before he gets the money. Any donations would help save her and Free Animal Doctors guarantees all the proceeds are going directly to her if anyone has any doubts and feel unsure with where their money is going . #backers


folllllllloowwww me idk where i’m sniffing 🐾🐶

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Awesome :)


Sounds like such a fun event!


Wish we could make it 💖


Hallo ihr Lieben🙋🏻Schaut doch mal uns vorbei. ➡️ @b0bby.the.d0g 💙🐶

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