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When 9-year-old @Athletics fan Loren Smith lost all of his memorabilia in the California wildfires, the baseball world took notice.




I watch this EVERY DAY and just absolutely love it!


Love this. More positive stories make for amore pleasant world.


Nice story😇


That's awesome!!


Thata great MLB is awsome


Super clutch


@xicamoleek @tdwiltgen this is so sweet! Love this! ❤️


USA is not Trump. Keep up!


Great job MLB...the best league out there!!


I swear MLB is always doing the best things for people.


MLB is the best


Great job MLB!!!


Way to go MLB!


@spooktos okay so please tell me how taking a knee prevented the Las Vegas shooting. It didn’t stop it and it won’t stop oppression. Action is what it will take. Talk amongst yourself from here on out


MLB players coming together! I 💙💙💙💙it!


@mattsnapback615 uhhhh yes it did... why do you think all these news channels are talking about taking knees in sports. They are doing exactly what we want, to spread the word about the issues Bruce Maxwell, Colin, and many others are trying to protest to people. And it works.


@naughtymaudi lol they should get to writing letters to baseball teams


@naughtymaudi I think they should have sent letters too lmao


That’s awesome!!! Great job MLB Players!!!


What about all of the other kids that lost stuff?


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Love this!! MLB boys rock!! ❤️⚾️


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