Mark Dalio

It was an amazing experience getting to travel to Cuba for the first time and witnessing the Gardens of the Queen with @paulnicklen and the whole @sea_legacy team! The amount of life that can prosper on a reef with the right protection is mind blowing. I have dived in some amazing places around the world and this is right up there with Reefs in Raja Ampat and Micronesia which is surprising considering its in the Caribbean. I look forward to many more expeditions and partnerships with @paulnicklen and the whole @sea_legacy team, until next time!! . .
Video by @paulnicklen // The sharks and the big fish are the first animals to disappear when a reef ecosystem is under stress. We have just spent an incredibly uplifting week in Cuba’s Gardens Of The Queen National Marine Park, where sharks accompanied us on every dive. I was fascinated by how they followed us from the depth of the reef back to our boat. I never imagined that I would be so comfortable in the company of so many curious sharks. It was a carousel of grace and beauty and one I will never tire of witnessing. #followme on @paulnicklen to see my favorite moment with a shark from this dive. #turningthetide with @sea_legacy. With @cristinamittermeier, @samkretch, @andy_mann, @mdalio and @iankellett_story // #nature #naturelovers #explore #protect #oceans #love #beauty




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