Killer Whales seen on today's 9am trip! Photo by our Intern Malcolm

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I want to see them! Hopefully next time...


@jjbmama maybe one day we will get lucky!


@vernoco Killer Whales are seen most often in spring due to Gray Whale mom/calf migration. The second peak is in fall, so not unusual to see them off and on at this time of year. They will not be "residents" here as they are Mammal hunting ecotype and they never stay in one place for more than few days or all the prey would leave, that is their strategy to hit the hot spots and move on. They cover large ranges along the coast from Southern California to British Columbia. We see different families of Killer Whales here, not the same ones each time.




Killer whales have been in the area more and more recently. Iā€™m sure that has to do with food and ocean health. What are the chances that a pod would take up permanent residence in the area? Has that happened since we started study of them?

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