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Video: @andy_mann // @paulnicklen getting up close and personal with a large American Crocodile during a sunset thunderstorm in Gardens of the Queen, Cuba. Paul and I worked together to capture this unique perspective in the mangroves until well after dark. Pushing our creative boundaries through lighting, floating 30 pound cinema cameras at split level & choosing difficult working conditions all paid off in these unforgettable scenes. Team work makes the dream work, they say, and I'm lucky to be surrounded with passionate filmmakers and photographers @natgeo @sea_legacy who raise each other up and work tirelessly to create stories with impact. #Turningthetide with @cristinamittermeier, @paulnicklen @samkretch, @mdalio and @iankellett_story // Please #followme @andy_mann to see more from this amazing expedition, casting a light on the Caribbean's healthiest marine ecosystem.

Jardines de la Reina




Where can I find that music 🎢


No one got hurt? Lol


@thomasjoel12 this is amazing. Looks like Ian to me




@camilavesgap I wanna swim πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ there


@woopsydoodah hello what’s this song ?




Anyone have any idea what the music is @natgeo ??


@muharrematay kanka bizi cekmisler πŸ˜€


@inspire3910 have some fkin respect for the camera crew. Of course its not fake


If that was real the gator would of attaked


So tell me what made the alligator not wanting to eat you?


@roikiller pretty amazing!

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