Bella Photo!👏👌


Towns is hungry !




What is a team in blue please ??


Can Towns lead the wolves to the playoffs? Take a listen to the come up https://soundcloud.com/user-720304730/the-come-up-ep-5


Missed 2 illegal calls smh....


@karltowns with the illegal screen too 👍




Hmm?? Slam dunk on urself? Lol


@codycabler but hey I'm a wolves fan so solid dub!!


@zachjd50 it'll probably keep getting worse until it gets better. It'll have to happen to the cavs or the Warriors before they do anything😂


@codycabler but I'm the final seconds of a game the refs let the players play more often than not


@codycabler I watched it again and I don't see thibs calling a timeout, but even so he did it behind the refs back so it isn't a missed call it's just thibs remembering before he got the refs attention, and yeah Kats screen was set way too wide, he wasn't late, but the wide stance makes sense


@zachjd50 the last 2 minute report is out now and it has been ruled as an illegal screen and they missed the coach calling a timeout that they didn't have. I get that refs make mistakes but 2 that decided the fate of the game in the last 5 seconds is a bit high.


Satro si ih


Dats a slam dunk......

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