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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - The cloud forests that carpet the surface of Sarisariñama Tepui, Venezuela, hold secret signs to what lies beneath. Open holes called ‘Simas’ (pictured), break through the plateau and allow explorers and scientists to enter into the underworld. When we were there, we camped on the rim of this one for three days, whilst we explored the caves below. Can you spot our orange tent next to the heli landing zone?
This photograph is from a portfolio I made from inside caves on top of extremely remote tepuis (aka table-top mountains) in Venezuela. The scientists we were traveling with were looking for unique forms of bacteria that could help clinical microbiologists in studies into bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It was a fascinating assignment to a very remote and rarely visited part of our world. The diverse environment on top of these tepuis is like no other anywhere on planet Earth, as each tepui is different and home to a unique world. And as for the caves... they're even better! Stay tuned.




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