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Opéra Garnier, Paris

W Paris - Opéra

Opéra Garnier, Paris




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Beautiful image 😍


@vutheara je me disais aussi 😉


@laurianev @vutheara c'est moi !!! Identifies moi @vutheara qu elle s affiche sur mon compte :-)


@laurianev c'est bien Virginie au W Opera 😉


Absolute dream shot!!!! Wow

Everyday is weekend! 💋




Top 👌🏼


Magnifique 😍


❤️What a view ❤️


What building were you in to take such a fabulous photo?


Fabulous !!! What an amazing view of its magnificent details ! Did you that the Ópera Garnier was the inspiration to the Municipal Theatre of Rio, built in 1905 ? If you google it, you’ll see the similarities, as it was built during the “ Belle Époque of Rio “ in a time where everything was inspired on Paris, and it was once called “ the Paris of the Tropics “ ❤️😄


I don't always write a comment, but when i do, it's for something damn good. Wonderful!


In lovee!!


Interesting photo 👍


Superbe prise de vue




Super pic!!! 👍👍👍😊😉😎😃🙌👏👏👏




so great 😍


Wunderschön 💖👏


Love it


Stunning view 👀👀👀


Une merveille garçon ❤️


What a view


Really nice shot ! Well spotted !

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