Enon Avital

HT409 / My very first pumpkin carve. Am I doing this right?
Hophop tralala הופ הופ טרללה, a meaningless celebratory phrase that will definitely come haunt you in your dreams tonight.
#mesimaivrit #dimensionaltype



@mariaoben Waaaaaay less entertaining here. You WIN this non-competition


Better than mine 🤣! Haha awesome job man 🤙🏼


@esti_barker haha. I feel the same. Which is why I only reached for the miniatures bin, and picked only two. Wasn’t easy to not fill up the cart 😎


My kids always tease me that I would totally have like a million carved pumpkins on the porch in October and we’d be eating pumpkin alllll winter. (That is to say, much, much more than we currently eat.) Nice job! 👍

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