Tim Hardaway Jr

MSG WAS ROCKING LASTNIGHT‼️Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to everyone and their fam. Enjoy the day #KnicksWay

New York, New York

MSG WAS ROCKING LASTNIGHT‼️Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to everyone and their fam. Enjoy the day #KnicksWay



We miss come back to the ATL #truetoatlanta🏀


We need you out there


Timmy Shimmy Yhaaaa😊merry Christmas 🎄


Happy holidays bless


You’re a bucket


Timmy Shimmy 🕺


Please stop shaken your shoulders.


Damn nice shot bro


Don't be a ball hog tonight..... again


Keep balling my g 💪🏽.. they going respect you soon


I’m from Russia 🖤🕊️🖤🕊️🖤🕊️🖤 вы мне нравитесь!


Happy thanksgiving


@alvikamal no he's not be thankful you have this beast, I'd welcome him back with open arms


@timmyjr10 be the best. Best SG on the team. Then NY (BK SG). Then the conference... derozen, smart, philly got no one... then the east. I believe


My dude hold us down..


Pass the ball your the most selfish player I've ever seen in my entire life


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Glad you came back to the Knicks


Watch the 3rd quarter of the game against the raps everyday. Please bring that fire and desire to every game. No one can stop you when you're like that. Recognize that bro


Need great team defense to win tonight




I was at that game


... v #ATL #realtalk stop that hero ball nonsense Timmy. Porzee needed more touches and Courtney was on fire tonight. You were thinking you were Klay or Steph tonight bruh, drive to the hole man. Cost us that W. Fak! ✊🏽#Knicks we missed Kanter tho


On tv watching u be like dat nigga nice, see him in person, saying to myself how could he be dat nice and so short, then he shake his head and be like yup..#MakeDaGardenLiveAgain


Good game tonight bro don’t trip on it just go hard next game


Wishing you were still a hawk celebrating the victory

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