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Ya but if he makes spectacular catches he should be able to catch a regular one @tbm_royalty


@breylin._.9 just because he make spectacular catches don’t mean he got the best hands cause he drops passes quite a bit now ab it’s very rare you see him drop passes


Julio and ab


Juilo Jones


Larry fitz


Does anyone know the song


Hugh I can't hear you. That's right he probably grew a brain.


The Texans retard.


@lilbeast451 well buddy if you used common sense i said hopkins. Bet you dont even know what team hes on😂😂


@alext08898 shut up. Who your team probably Dallas or the browns.


Shut up alexto8898


Hey I don't hate Denver but it is true some people don't exept the fact that there team garbage. I can understand that Greenbay is going5-5. All I'm saying is that we are doing better than denver. Denver is not doing good therefore there garbage.


Denver sonkies


Better than Denver.


Watch anyone else's loser it's his highlights when he was good


@trevor_743477 you don't know football at all bro I'm not a Odell fan but I'm pretty sure he has the Best hand watch his football highlight 👏🏽


@lilbeast451 You got shut out by the ravens...


Ab or Julio


AB duh


Antonio brown


Julio Jones


@lilbeast451 i wouldnt be talking man. You like the packers. Trust me im not a denver fan either but come one dude😂




@baseballfootballmemes Antonio Brown, #84 for the steelers, & This guy the call Tony Toe Tap out of pittsburgh,. @tevinleonard 😂


Odell, AJ Green or Julio Jones

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