“Auntie, you have games on your phone?”

“Auntie, you have games on your phone?”




So me when a was lil


Lmfao I hate it


She's really your twin tho


@samri6 da siehst du wieder aus wie soe


The children keep us so grounded. Helping us to realize the wonders of this world..n they are buzyyy!


@team.breezy.maurice her mouth not even open


This BJ Yooo Loll @bxb__2


@justvick__ sounds all too familiar 🤔🤔


The word and to call about my damn book excuse me,


@laylaatiku the captionn titi


😂😂😂😂😂 timal


@kushgyal ouaai an t vwè sa c timouna inmer fai sa😭😭


@allisontoch2014 I can relate to this in so many ways 😂😂


Let’s shoot? 🙏🏽


I️ got size 11.5 Don C for sell, if u know anyone who wants them



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