Billie Joe Armstrong

Check New No parents ep!



finally some one who agrees


@chasejordanbailey thanks! damn Australia


@ruby.r0se22 wishing there could be an uprising so we had the same content as the states have access to


@ruby.r0se22 unfortunately you can't, not on regular avenues of listening to media. Perhaps it could be reached through Torbrowser, a free computer program that lets you basically bounce your IP address to another Tor address somewhere else in the world, so people find it harder to follow you on the internet. I haven't tried that yet, I have the browser, just haven't tried to do that yet. But when your IP bounces around the world to one of the public Torbrowser addresses, it can be read, and it can still be worked backwards, with difficulty though. And major sites like Netflix are not fooled by this, and some do not allow access from programs like Torbrowser, because of the difference in content laws for our countries. You simply cannot listen to it anywhere, not fully anyway. I was able to access the US iTunes Store and listen to the sample audio they had for the song, but that isn't much. So really, maybe it's better to hit the states and find a cd if they have one. Take it old fashioned style and burn the tracks onto another disk or do whatever you please, getting the music onto whatever device you like.


@chasejordanbailey where can u listen to it?


@brandonsjuicebox where can u find it I been looking for weeks but can’t find it tried Spotify and YT already


Kapan kesini bΓ²oss jangan lama lama yaaaaa disanaaa


@chasejordanbailey nnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo😭😭😭😭


American Idiot more psychedelic. :v


This song but I’m the person on the picture


Thanks for the recommendation!!! This song is definitely going into my next skate sesh


@billiejoearmstrong torna in Italiaaaa ti pregoπŸ’Žβœ¨πŸ’–β£οΈπŸ˜


Song is called Hunting in Huntington by No Parents


@funkyspice sooo understandable!!


@stevie.mcdog my mom was so offended for real but man the story in the middle of kerplunks CD booklet was too hilarious. I needed that tshirt. Lol


@funkyspice lucky you, mom would be like "IT AINT PINK AND PRETTY I HATE IT"


New album???


@flowsicle but she totally let me get the shirt lol


@funkyspice I can imagine that happening.




Eat. Your. Parents. My mom was so offended when I wanted the shirt lol


This song is called Hunting in Huntington. It's by No Parents, and the album is called Still Thirsty. Spoilers: the content isn't permitted to be sold or viewed all the way through in Canada. Not on iTunes and YouTube anyway.


Oh damn that’s good as fuck


@_imgroovy_ how insane is this


Fucking seizure inducing XD


What is this !??


I’m liking Hunting in Huntington


Are u back at ur punk sound


I thought this was Johnny Test for a minute


@briianacow Yaa si he escuchado ese tipo de rock jajaja


@italobanda california rock β€οΈπŸ—Ώ

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