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UK: Time to see what you're made of. Call of Duty®️: WWII is here! #CODWWII 🇬🇧

UK: Time to see what you're made of. Call of Duty®: WWII is here! #CODWWII 🇬🇧




Jeux de merde


Nobody gets good scores on this game bc every camps the stg ur guys ruined another cod get skincancer fkn nerds


I’ve already got ww2 I’m in the uk 🇬🇧 I preordered


And Ireland too


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We scottish are all ready give us a bottle of whiskey and were off ragin arood storming the fields of ww2


Release yeeeeaaaa


@oliveraubury it's war hahaha the best game mode


Oh we're ready all right


I have not seen that map yet


@skinny_jackson yh tru dat, we cant dominate if we cant even log in 😂


Fix the servers first


@carl_derollo then why did you buy it


Fix the servers now


How about you fix the servers before you release it?


I think you owe everyone a refund.... the amount of money we paid to not even play this game today is ridiculous.


The game is incredible the way I the loading screen look is so beautiful, love staring at it forever, who needs to actually play the game when u can just stare at a loading screen am I right.


The create a class system is super confusing


Can’t wait 2 get it


Fix the game


Us Brits are gonna dominate


Online servers don’t work period no one can even play wtf


@sledgehammergames you have made a brilliant game but the UK servers are unplayable you walk half a foot and you zoom to the other side of the map i understand the game just came out but please fix UK servers


Exactly the same as every other COD game 😂


Woohoo! Gonna be playing all night!


Here in scotland, no one's at school XD


All ready got it


Yassssssssss lets get sweaty

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