Dope or Nope? 🤔
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@welderzworld where can I go to get myself a custom welding helmet/hood (I'm from South Africa)?


Not nope but Fuck nope


Had Mine Over A Year And Still Works Ok!!


Wish Special 😀lol Not Bad For The Price Had Mine Over A My kid Uses It Now


Had one it sucks, looks cool tho


I have that hood


Harbor Freight special. Nope.


Looks cool tho, I'd be better if the lens was actually good


Nope, it's a beginner hood


I have one. the lens is definitely not dope.


@el1_stratt0n you look like a gay skeletor


Isn't that hood sold at O'Reilly's?


Bootleg hoodlum lens I had one "gift" fuk my eyes huh !!...I was a jerk and gave it away.......


Nope!!!! If you want to look like a gay Skeletor!




The lens is shitty. Really low quality


One of my school tech teachers has that exact mask! Dunno if it works though but its sick!


Looks heavy


My dad has that helmet


If it works it works

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