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Tune in now to #TheRace at The guys have just hit Prestige on #CODWWII!!!

Tune in now to #TheRace at The guys have just hit Prestige on #CODWWII!!!



That’s my prestige


Congrats on your jobs on the servers . Very consistent


@_angelcalvo_ yea i was gunna say that


Jullie kanker moeders


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Xbox 1 gamertag and YouTube PoiintDrawn


Just hit Prestige 1


Ps4 name - xxcalvinwxx


@sledgehammergames When i sign in Idk how to use my prestige token, I pre ordered digital deluxe on both consoles and still doesn’t work


Follow me if you wanna play add xbox 🤘🏻


Please fix the game!


Can you fix the head quarters and can I please have my preorder bonuses it's not showing up in game so plz


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Xbox is down


Server down ps4


Fix servers


@soviet.seal no but Tdm is back to 75 kills and the score you get for a kill in dom is 50 again


How did they hit prestige but we can’t even play??? Explain that?


Someone is perstige 4


Best call of duty ever. Great come back from world at war


Absolutely ridiculous when you preorder a game, wait for the release date & then can’t play it due the server issues! It’s the second day and I still can’t play multiplayer 😡 #103295

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