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Their story began in the fall of 1971. See where it ended on #TheLostWifeofRobertDurst.




Ohmygosh elijah


@lifetimetv when will this be premiering in Canada?


Damn Elijah! Another part of your life we didn't know about @ok2behaley


@agarcia2286 hey this is the movie I have recorded that we should watch


This movie was a snooze fest


Really good movie and great performances from Kat McPhee and Daniel Gillies! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ


When will it return ?


@_jessicareyes You're absolutely correct! That part too!


Lifetime you need more of a variety in actors. White people aren't the only actors in the world. Do better


@bonafid3_89 also, have you noticed that almost every actor is white?


@lifetimetv bring back devious maids


@latashamichelle I think this movie has been made a couple times thru the years that Guy in this one is pretty creepy. πŸ’• Katharine McPhee


I watch Lifetime more then any other network! However ive notice that each Maid in the movie is a minority! Which is very Racist! We went from Blacks to Hispanics now? If a film is not based on a historic past why are we portraying Maids as one specific color?? Therefore I will be raising awarness and will no longer be watching Lifetime movies until that changes! @lifetimetv


I'd like to see it but I'm Italian.


@waddyanita this is what I was telling you about x


Lifetime did really good with this movie. One of the best lifetime movies. I enjoyed it


I saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it!!!


@latashamichelle there's one like it on Netflix this one was really good !


What about in the U.K.?


I feel like I saw this movie on Netflix


Both my dogs are in this movie can't wait to watch it when does it premier in Canada? So far only my friends in America can watch it


Watching now


In taping this right now


Why isn’t this on my lifetime channel?!


Watching! Been waiting for this one


Watching now


@miranda_andy 😱 ja quero assistir!

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