Hey Nikki ( A Vignette)
Directed by Q Burdette and Oththan Burnside
Creative Direction by Dawn Richard
Stylist Joey Thao
Featuring Nikki Keeshin
Choreography Oththan Burnside




love you Queen ❤️ been following you since high school! thank you for always inspiring me in so many ways and being a blueprint. hope to cross paths someday🌹


Omg this just gave me chills


Yo ass dope!


When is the premiere


Yessss please!!!! This is soooo sexy 🙈👅💦😈




So original


This is one of my favorite songs to squat to at the gym.


Representing New Orleans...proud of you. So talented.


Yes ma’am!!!!!! Your visuals stay on point!!!!


@charisherrick_ oh my god incredible!!!!


She do be serving


@dnmchljr from her "Redemption" LP


She is so slept on


I love what you were feelin when you made this !!!


Breathtaking one


Giving me New Age Little Nikki Grind yasss mama! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️


Damn....Ms. Richard why you gotta slay everything?? ❤️👏👏




Hot stuff


@dnmchljr you gotta get into it! Vines was the interlude to this lol


@koolwill i did.. but i must of never listened to this one.. i normally just add the best records to a playlist.. must of forgot to add this and Never looked back.. 🤦🏽‍♂️


@dnmchljr did you not listen redemption? Lol


Where is this song? I need this now.. is this out? Did i miss it? 😩😩


@dawnrichard I will always love you something fierce 🍰




@msshanea no different artist. But both amazing

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