My fam #lookingood #baptism #familypic #2017 @kim.orton01 @lisaparsonsphotography @delicate_elegance




Oha be aq karıya yazık


Hola todos ellos son tus hijos


i love famliy


Hi Randy Orton I wish you have TV show call Father Knows Best


Randi ok ys ys ys kman iran


@sergio_goodlife this nigga has 5 kids. He hit wife with the RKO 5 times


We need a show


Gorgeous family! ❤️


@beefybodyjose no lol sorry not that type of girl he cute


@ttr_2002 cause his kids rich?


older daughter looks like a stranger comparee to the rest of em


@randyorton beautiful family! I remember meeting you when my brother was born. Your wife was at the same hospital getting ready to have your daughter!


Randy can i be your son in law for ur daugther hahaha #Ohsemm#RandyOrton#MalaysianFans


Such a beautiful family, Alanna has grown so fast! ❤️


@randyorton @kim.orton01 OMG Kim I can’t believe how bigs the boys are!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY GIRL SHES BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Omg randy I am single and if your so the oldest is 15 or 16 omg I am single


Dam randy since the documentary I thought it was just one 😅😎👍🏾. His wife cried ! He was being real ! About how people in the ring who intentionally hurt you to get air time or more hours 😡$$$

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