Hangin and bangin 😎😎
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▪photo by @tone_eo @raypapi
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@codyhileman95 look at his ground hook up


Awesome pic!!! Cheers from Chile


no safety ????


@alexhd17 that looks fun lol


@andreshd__ They're Ironworkers. Cool job too. I worked as one as my very 1st job as an apprentice. Makes you not be to scared of heights anymore lol


Wouldn’t that be cool? @alexhd17


that's WASSUP! B safe out there!


Nope 😂 not that high


Old school as fuck


Been a min since I got to connect/weld- out some clean red iron! Couple yrs now! Prob my favorite!! EZ$$$


Wtf....I get nervous welding on a fawking 6' ladder...Fab shop life 😢...we don't install'..But I can lay out cut' fit and weld my own shyt tho!!!


Hopefully one day...


Yea baby ! #local40


Wow savage photo 😀🖒🖒🖒

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