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Congrats to Daniel “Hits” Murphy on back-2️⃣-back Silver Slugger Awards!

Congrats to Daniel “Hits” Murphy on back-2️⃣-back Silver Slugger Awards!




Scherzer you didn't deserve that cy


You guys suck for firing Dusty!! You are not an expansion team anymore, stop acting like it. 2 division titles in 2 years, 95 plus wins in 2. And you fire the guy? I'm off the national bandwagon as of now!! #2yrcontractteam




@nationals like this comment if you are the best team in baseball


<--- We have ⚾️ history here


I’d rather have Murph and 6-7 other guys than one Harp. Sorry, it’s a team sport




dan the man


Hey how are you today @nationals


My fav NAT!!!! Congrats Mr. Murphy!


Gotta love our Murph! Congrats! 👏👏🥂👏👏


Best money ever spent. Great attitude, sportsmanship​ and what a batting average. I'd take Daniel Murphy over a big money mvp Everytime. So thankful for a class act like him.


Congratulations so well deserved!


@jsj35 still need that gif......


So proud of you, Daniel! You are a great talent! Love the way you acknowledge Jesus in your life! We love watching you play!


Yup thanks folks




You earned it buddy! Well done!


Didn’t deserve it


Congratulations Dan Murphy. Well deserved.


Congrats well deserved 👍🏼


Love Murph! ⚾️⚾️⚾️


Congratulations mr murphy your hard work shows 100% thanks for being a positive roll model




@off_the_hooch But we didn't OKAY and nobody still cares about it, only 1 team can win it all and this year the stros were the chosen one! We still have like 100 more WS's to come so the nats can win it all someday and they will


Best 2nd baseman


No surprise there


This name will not stick @daniel_altamura


my man murphy❤️❤️❤️

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