Norman Towns

Golf Day ... anyone can get it ⛳️

Chester L Washington Golf Crse

Golf Day ... anyone can get it ⛳️



Wow Norman! Look at you! Haven’t seen you in ages!! You look good! Congrats on all of your current and future success!!!


I love you


Your handicap trash 😂 #yeezygang


Negro golfing in Boost 🤔


Let’s play for some 💰💵 then fam! 😎


Videos or it didn't happen


Poser, you don't know what you


Check my story 😎


Aye man run it! 👟


Sniper on the court and the greens! Lol


Pull up then lol


Love golf ! Hope you enjoyed a good game!


Ha I️ played 18 Tuesday


Oh yeah 🤔😏


Ha! I've been looking for a new victim ⛳️🏌🏾


Didn't know Ye made golf shoes


Okayyy I see you Mr. Norman! 😏


We have to play!!


I don’t believe it. Let me see your swing


Bruhhhhh when we playing


Stop being so fancy @normantowns 🤪


this color looks so good on you 🤤


All bets on 🙃😆

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