That's Vida she ain't gonna weld shit she's to pretty for that lol


How about “yeah ok bitch”


People who don't weld think this is cute.


Where are ypu


What she planning on doing that flame isn’t fit to do any cutting




Put your mask back on!


She gone be mad when she gets burned 🤷🏽‍♀️😂


Cutting with a welding hood lol I've never seen that. May have changed the lens......


Where the fuck is the PPE


Feather is still to long in the flame


That torch isn’t set to cut...


"What's Acetylene?"


who wants full penetration?


And shops closed down cuz osha


Burn in three ... two ... one ...


@ruttieontherun daar wil ik wel een middagje mej autogeenlassen hoor


Forget that girl I want that welder and that mask


She's definitely a welders daughter, got acetylene legs on her... 😂😂


Love a good spatter


... she's going to cut the floor...?


Osha would be shitting golden, ruby encrusted bricks lmfao


That ain't no neutral flame


Flames all fucked up


Doesn't look safe


Someone's a masochist


Seriously concerned for her safety


A very attractive OSHA violation.


I️ leased these tanks


@michael_lauchie wouldnt that be somthing!!😂 id get straight A's


There should be a calendar


Well that slag might just hurt😬😈


@jesse_johnston101 this is our 2nd year teacher🤣

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