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The radiant @Lupitanyongo keeps on shining with L'Absolu Rouge! #Lancome #AbsoluRouge #Lipstick #Regram #LupitaNyongo

The radiant @Lupitanyongo keeps on shining with L'Absolu Rouge! #Lancome #AbsoluRouge #Lipstick #Regram #LupitaNyongo






@eb_magazine exactly 🤷🏾‍♀️


@_treen_ Smh, a shame! Wow. And they wonder why @fentybeauty has had such success. I was referred to this brand for foundation & planned on I'm completely second guessing that. Don't try to make money off of darker complexion, & not truly represent our shades on your social media platform @lancomeofficial


@eb_magazine they have all of these beautiful deep shades now. They almost never advertise them on models. I guess @lancomeofficial thinks it’s bad for business. There are white women on other post of just the bottles photographed, complaining that the shades are too dark on the picture.


@lancomeofficial Where are your African American models? I was interested in seeing you shade varieties. I see hardly ANY women of color on your page.


@_treen_ I was LITERALLY thinking the same thing! Where is the diversity?


@lancomeofficial you all make a variety of shades now for deeper complexions, Why is it that women of color are almost never featured on this Instagram account? @lupitanyongo is a face for Lancome, correct? Why is she not being used more on your social media account to show the deeper shades that you all now have?


Lupita 💛


@lupitanyongo you don’t have a ‘kinky’ ponytail in this . Why ? What’s the difference between the Grazia cover you@complained about ??


@lancomeofficial will the new matter Shaker shades be available in the UK? X


@paoluhg I hear you miss Mexican browny 🤷🏽‍♀️


@egodediosa yeah and I'm dark skinned 💁🏽‍♀️ just not this shade.


I wanna be model 🙂


@paoluhg Yet you are Latina ! Ironic


Beautiful 💕


No other dark skin UNFOLLOW


she’s ahhhmazinggggggg 🙌🏻


Love it! Whats the lipstick nr?

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