Mark Dalio

Still thinking about those sharky dives in Cuba. Makes me want to go back! . . Repost from @cristinamittermeier ・・・
I vaguely heard cameraman @Andy_Mann slip into the water behind me to film me as several Silky sharks emerged from the darkening waters and started circling around us. As the sun set on the horizon, the inky darkness clung to everything, making it harder to see underwater. The sharks were not interested in us as food, but they were undeniably curious. Over time, they have learned to associate small boats with fish scraps, as fishermen often toss the remains of their catch in the water. Around and around they went, sometimes bumping into us but never with any aggression. I can say that for both Andy and I, this was a life-changing experience and a highlight from our recent expedition to the majestic Gardens of the Queen.

Video by @andy_mann. #TurningTheTide, with @sea_legacy and @paulnicklen | @samkretch | @Mdalio | #gardensofthequeen | #Cuba | #JardinesdelaReina | @iankellet_story | #savesharks | #TheOceanFoundation | | #marineconservation #tiburon #tubarao




Wow ,what an amazing experience !! 🦈

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