The pride and joy of our collection is finally here ✨
Have you ordered a personalised collar from @darrenandphillip yet?
Made with total love and care. It's the best Christmas present you could give your best friend. 🌲⭐️✨@darrenandphillip link in bio ❤️




This is soooo beautiful! 😍😍😍 There's any plans to a mini size version?


Hi Jen, may I please ask what size the boys take for their collars? My staff is similar size and I ordered the large cause he was right in the middle, but I think I may have chosen wrong 😣. Thank you in advance


They're beautiful. Are they leather?


I don’t know what I like more. The product or this videography. Hahahhahaha. 😍😍😍


@megs_mcallister I want these for boomer and rizzo


@gytrihj Thank you for this info! 😊🐾


@goduddy I just purchased a “FreezeTag” clip mechanism that holds all of his tags together (name/numbers, city license, dog park license, and rabies tag) and they don’t make a PEEP. Easy to swivel in case someone needs to look at the their side and it makes it easy to switch between collars.


@rachierach626 oh my god do you think they do ones small enough for cat collars?


so excited for mine to arrive all the way in the UK 😍


Omg I want one! I’ll tag my mom so she can see my wishlist for Christmas 🤤❤️ @isabellehalvors1


Not really made with TOTAL love if they're made with leather 🤔😢


Nice proyect 😍😍 Good luck 👌👌👌


Best present ever !


@melissa_m.k another d&p item I️ need to add to Bronx’s list!!


Are they both staffys ?


Your boys have the best life ❤️ So so so full of love, you’re doing such a good job in showing that staffs and pits are just as deserving of love as any other dog 💖 They’re absolutely gorgeous 😍❤️ 🇬🇧


This is AMAZING!! ❤️❤️🐶


@g_shep_8342 omg! 😍 please can we get them for the babies?!


Can we send you guys, your mum and dad a Christmas card? 😊


Hey legends! I absolutely love what you do for puppers around the world. I would love it if you offered an animal cruelty free for option dogs. There is so much ethical non-animal leather available. It’s longer lasting & MUCH better for the environment. It also means cows aren’t hurt. Cows are just big dogs & leather hurts them. Please consider vegan leather. Thanks!


@_lizzy.max_ I agree, they would just have to reduce the current size of the metal stamps. We aren’t the only ones who have brought this up. The tags waking me up used to drive me nuts! I would duct tape them. Lol. I now have a metal one that slips on horizontally aligned with his collar. It has his name, my name, address and two phone #’s. No more jingles during the night!


@goduddy 🤣 it’s so much easier to call or text tho for ppl who find your pet. I won’t take any chances! Hope they update their design to include a printed number. It’d be nice not having jingle bells with the metal tags next to me all night! 🤣


@_lizzy.max_ You would think my dog is going through airport security on an international trip with all the ID on him! 😂. I take no chances. I understand how dogs can get out. It happens with our neighbors too. But easy to return because we now know his name, where he lives and phone number.


@goduddy what a shame. Our girl always has a tag with her name and two phone numbers in case she gets out (as well as being chipped). It’s gotten her back to us from our neighbors a few times! #Houdini


@_lizzy.max_ Apparently not at this time. I suggested the same thing. Unless your dog is chipped, if he or she gets out, a phone number would be the quickest way to be reunited. So many dogs end up in our shelters because they have no collar, no tag or chip. 😔


Yes! Mine is getting the collar AND leash😍❤️❤️


Dazzy looks super cute here waiting for his collar 😍


Beautiful collar, beautiful video! 💙


Ordered mine today!!! 🤗


Of course we have 😍 we're so excited!! ✨


These are beautiful, nice to see how they’re made aswell


@beana227 what I just got for da bbs


@john.mosby.509 I want one for Izzy


I need that machine! Hand stamping each letter separately is very time consuming.

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