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GLOW ALL YEAR ‘ROUND with our #SkinFrost highlighting powders ❄️ #jeffreestarcosmetics pic by: @klbxbe

GLOW ALL YEAR ‘ROUND with our #SkinFrost highlighting powders ❄️ #jeffreestarcosmetics pic by: @klbxbe




#2 suggestion for Christmas @salinas89


ughhhh I so freaking wish santa would bring me a draw full of Jeffrey cosmetics this year!!!! 💋👄💄❤️ Because him and the Lord both know I've been trying my damn HARDIEST to be good this year! Ugh all your stuff is just beautiful 😍😍😍😍


I just don’t know what one to order next !!!!!!!


@rendishernandez i looked through her page. she said @etticamakeupbox


@dessi_staytrill_ only from


Omg I need to win lotto


@amanda.main.damie 😭 why do I want these so bad, I have never used a highlighter lol


i want all of them right now


wow dream collections hihi


I just have to know where @klbxbe got a makeup holder to hold all that mine is so stacked up nothing fits and all I find are these tiny things


@012user yep the 2nd skin frost in the collar with Manny mua


Do you ever run out of your own makeup?


Where can we buy your make up products


@jeffreestarcosmetics hi Jefree, do you have any of your products in a store so I could go and play and find which colors are right for my skin tone? :)




SPAM MAKEUP BRUSHES IF YOU WANT @jeffreestar to come out with brushes


Summer snowcone sucks


Just posted a pic wearing Calabasas, come check out my starting make up account?


I just realized that neffree is jeffree and Nathan together ahahah.


*swatched on the face. Stupid autocorrect


How does one use Onyx Ice? It’s always fascinated me and I’ve never seen it actually searched on the face! Personally, I would use it on the eyes, but I’m very fair. Anyone? Does it work well as a highlight?


Make skin frost minis next!!!


I now have 2... trying...


Highlighting gooooals! ✨


Imma have to break in and get all that make up don’t even care about your money just the make up 😝


@jeffreestarcosmetics please make all your Limited edition shades permanent


bish, send me one.

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