1. From our recent surveys, we know there are only around 14,000 orangutans left in the wild in Sumatra today. That’s worrying when you remember some of the big football stadiums out there can seat up to 100,000 people, meaning all the Sumatran orangutans in the world would fit easily in the seats at just one end, behind the goal!

Then can you imagine how Critical Endangered is the Tapanuli Orangutan with only 800 individuals left??
Location : SOCP Sikundur Monitoring station
Photo by : SOCP/ @Supri_ketambe

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@annieking13 thank you. Please support us to help the Orangutan by donating in or the simplest thing, keep spreading the awareness to care about this critical endangered species.


I want to come over and help so bad!!! Is there anyway to do That? My heart physically hurts, and then you look into their beautiful eyes. I have to help!!


Oke nanti coba di conpir ke kantor apa aja yg diperlukan,!


Admin, kalau kami mahasiswa biologi mau fieldtrip ke SP Sikundur, kira2 bisa ga ya? Dan kalau bisa syaratnya apa aja?

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