@sammybamm24 no mini pig stays the size of a piglet. They get the name mini because they are significantly smaller than farm pigs who can weigh up to 800lbs. True mini pigs usually end up weighing around 60


@kyleighmcdevitt8199 If I'm going to be paying a lot for an animal.. I want a guarantee that it's going to be a mini!


@zoezanola fai gli stessi versi quando dormi


I was thinkin the same thing


@sammybamm24 yeah. On their website they state that they can't guarantee the size of the pig😂 clearly that aren't a legitament company. The only company that I've seen that their pigs are small and stay small is Pampered Pigs


@kyleighmcdevitt8199 I was wondering the same thing!


I'm just curious.... if these are legitament miniature pigs, Why are the parents the size of a full grown regular sized pig??


This is too adorable


So cute!💕🐷

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