#BEEsteals #AirMaxTL2 💥SOLD‼️💥 #AirMaxTLII #AirMaxTL




@rythirdeye lmao thought of 105 soon as I seen em


@king_ayiti omg bro wtf!!!


I'll take hit me up ... PM'D


very good 👌🏽


Oh shit I had these 💯👌🏾fire


@scott1150 yeah it unfogs airbags but it’s temporary. It dogs back up in like a few minutes. Plus on vintage kicks you want to be careful with putting that direct heat on them.


Wore My red pair the other day and they did not disappoint, someone mentioned taking a hair dryer to fix the bubbles?


Wish they retro these


@jonbrwn DM me some pics, will most likely take em


@jonbrwn same price & condition


@bee.knowbles how much? condition?


@jonbrwn I also have the blue pair size 11


Wish they were the blue pair!

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