“Whenever I feel alone I watch live television, something about it being okay on their end makes it okay on mine” - Frank Ocean. [The Sounding Off Issue, no 350, Winter 2017] .
Photography: @itsfrankocean. Styling: Rita Zebdi. Frank wears earring @tiffanyandco, polo vintage @adidas, trosuers Blackhawk, ring model’s own, trainers @tomsachs x Nikecraft Mars Yard 2.0.




@tommyboi3000 only few know....


This is a dope photo. And taken by himself no less? Amazing work @itsfrankocean, and I feel this quote!


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anyone get this at their local Barnes and Noble ?? I've been checking for weeks and I can't find it


Wow !! 😍❤


@jordanyeager daddddddyyyyyyy. Also I do the same thing and I never realized why until rn


@connorjs13 this would be cute in print but you know, it’s lost hehe


so fxcking obsessed




@samayaabigail i just remembered this was my favorite part on the interview




Nice 👊🏾😎🔥




Restock his mags cover please


that's not franks instagram


@ itsfrankocean isn't his real instagram

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