Lifetime TV

The true story only she can tell. #IAmElizabethSmart premieres tomorrow.




@finewine_v for me, the format used was more like a documentary, not a movie as promoted. And she alreaay had a documentary a few days earlier (another channel) which was very good!


@aned13 it made it more intimate IMO. I liked it


@marthapretti where can we watch it online?


@lifetimetv when will this be aired again?


God bless you, great movie


Will this go on Hulu??


Replay please 😭😭😭😭




@tania_haniyaa he threatened to kill her family if she tried to escape


What time?! I missed it... better #replay


#how the fuck did she not Escape ! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Yes,you did you had amazing courage,be proud you made it,your safe..He was horrible monster..


Watching this movie now. It would have been better without Elizabeth's narrative in between scenes, mho


I really want to watch this! But I don’t have cable tv. What are other options?


I agree she is so brave! It's still so heartbreaking to know how much she suffered. So thankful she is alive and safe from that sicko!!


What time


She is literally the bravest young woman on earth. Can’t wait to see this!

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