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Yes this is a good idea. Currently I’m a junior in college but if this was available when I graduated high school I would’ve chosen this!


Yes if a opportunity like this came by I would take it. Getting out the door quicker, more time to get your product out and your brand going. It's the same amount of education but in a shorter amount of time.


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Yes if it...has a good flexible schedule, easy for students with jobs and it’s not to much pressure to cram this into 2 years.


Yes because people can get in and out of school faster and get started on their life.


Yes if it was scheduled effectively. It still teaches you the same thing a four year degree would just in a faster amount of time. I think it would be very effective.


Yes, if it gets approved, it will enable students- motivated students to move up and be more comfortable in working environments while still learning &’ gaining education along the way. It’s a yes for me .


Yes if it would help me with the profession I’m going into


Yes, if it allowed me to get a head start in my career and provides all the things I need to graduate.


Yes, if it's has great internship opportunities connected to it. I don't see the need to do 2 years of there's not job opportunities coming after getting a degree.


Yes it helps me get started on my career quicker to start on life faster


Yes, if it was geared toward a specific type of student. I think a lot of students have a fear for the future and may want to take the slower, traditional route. If you wanted to market this to all students, promote how capable anyone could be in this type of program and why this is better than traditional college.


Yes, because it would let me get my life started earlier!


Yes you are able to complete college earlier and get your life or job started early. This will help you in your life ahead.


Yes because it would give me the opportunity to get started in my field faster and establish myself travelling.


Yes, If it was bachelor's degree offered I would take it. It would set you up to be a successful business leader allowing you to get your foot in the door two years earlier than other business degrees. Also,


Yes, because it would be very helpful in trying to get my life started sooner. Instead of having to go through 4 years of college I could finish in 2 years and that seems very efficient since I could get a well paying job sooner.


Yeah, I think it’d save a lot of time and stress. Then I can just start doing real life stuff. Snapchat: Just.Brady


Yes, it would benefit me because I'm interested in business, the idea of it sounds great, and getting a bachelors in 2 years sounds lit


Yes. This would be useful as it would further accelerate the speed at which one could get through college and start living my own personal life as soon as possible.


Yes, because it would allow me to finish school quicker and be able to start working sooner.


yes if it helps me to grow in knowledge just as much as any other bachelors programs and can be catered to our schedules. It would also be beneficial to be able to start working on the degree in high school.


Yes, if it would save me time to begin work & earning sooner.


Yes, if it allowed me to become a productive member of the workforce at a young age with a good starting salary


Yes, if it gives me all of the education and curriculum I need to be successful and start a career.


yes, if it can help me to get a head start in my career and also allow time for me to manage a job and a social life


Yes, if it would provide me with many career options


Yes, if it helps me get finished sooner with the degree and would help me get internships.


Yes, if it was set at the same tuition prices of just 2 years in college!


Yes, if it has the type of class I'm looking for.


Yes, because I would be able to maximize time and be able to pursue other interests!


Yes, if it doesn’t put too much stress on you in those two years such as homework and such because i would need time to run my buisness i want to start.


Yes, if it brings great results with awesome success!


Yes, if it allows me to get out of college soon we and get started in the workforce as soon as possible.

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