The Verdon Fosse Legacy LLC

Pictured a black and white press photograph taken backstage before a Can-Can performance on “December 14, 1954” with additional verso text reading:
“Gwen has found that stardom requires a good deal of hard work. Here she goes through some energetic limbering up before a matinee performance.”
Verdon’s “limbering up” won her first of four Tony awards for her triumphant performance in famed American composer and songwriter #ColePorter #Broadway hit #musical Can-Can. #GwenVerdon #CanCan #1954 #Broadwayhistory




Oops 😬 needed my spectacles 👓 looked like LUCILLE


U better bet she danced from my home town I might add 😊


What a great photo!


My favorite person of all-time. I would love to write a biography about her.

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