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Photo by @BrianSkerry | A young harbor seal peeks at me over a mound of surf grass at Cortes Banks, a range of underwater mountains located 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA. This location, well known for stormy weather and giant waves, is a hotspot of biodiversity with an abundance of marine life found here. Places like this are oases of life in the sea, where each animal plays a role. Yet such places could easily be destroyed by a single fishing trawl net being dragged through it or by undersea drilling, and few would ever know it existed.
Naturalist John Muir once said, ""When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” Throughout my career of exploring our planet and especially the oceans, I have found this to be true: Everything is connected and every creature matters.

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@kiliiiyuyan // Huskies from Geoff Carroll’s dog team take a quick break from pulling a sled, in the Arctic village of Utqiagvik, Alaska. Follow me @kiliiiyuyan for more images like this from across the the Arctic and beyond. #arctic #alaska #dogsled #husky


Snowy day in Central Park - New York ✨❄️❄️❄️✨ Tag your friends!!!
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Video by @theflippistflipbooks “I’ve somehow plopped into a moment in time where this bonkers childhood dream job is somehow my reality,” says “flipbook-maker guy” and artist Ben Zurawski (@theflippistflipbooks), who lives in Chicago. Growing up, Ben’s father frequented garage sales and thrift stores, often bringing home unique items. One of those treasures was a flipbook. “I was mesmerized getting to watch a cartoon without a TV that I was powering with my own thumb. It instantly sparked in me a love of the magic of flipbooks,” says Ben. “Each one is like its own little puzzle. I love figuring out the idea, the design, the timing. Getting to just sit and draw and color all day is literally all I’ve ever wanted to do and getting to share it with others is such a sweet bonus.” See more of Ben's work on today’s story.


Breaking Fast | Photograph by Arnab Basu
As the sun sets during the month of Ramadan, construction laborers gather in Dubai so that can break their day-long fast and feast together. #YourShotPhotographer Kimberly Coates (@kimcoatesphoto) commented, "I love how you can zoom into any aspect of this photo and find a unique interaction."

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Far over The Misty Mountains cold


“Me the second I see a snowflake” writes @thegoldenfinn


La vie en rose 💜


Photo by @taylorglenn // Brilliant fall colors contrast the dark hues deep in the Narrows in Zion National Park last week. Follow @taylorglenn for more from Utah and beyond. #zionnationalpark #utah #fall


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