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Glitter for breakfast, lunch and dinner... ⭐️ “Champagne Tears” Lip Ammunition™ is gorgeous by itself or blinding on top of other liquid lipsticks 💅🏻🎀👌🏼 swatch by: @missjazminad #jeffreestarcosmetics #lipammunition




Is this being restocked? 😩😩😩😩


RESTOCK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


@tiffany_music 😏😏😏i just might


@julierevelez I was going to buy that one it’s so beautiful 😍🤩🤩


@tiffany_music damn i might get this one 😍😍


It is so terrible! It isn’t smooth. It’s incredibly rough and takes off whatever color you put on underneath it. Tried applying it with a brush on naked lips and it was still too gritty. Waste :(


So pretty.


When is it being restocked need this in my life @jeffreestarcosmetics


I love this so much!! Its so beautiful i wanna cry I need it!


@danielle_m_montgomery this is so pretty wtffff 😍


Wow 😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤


@cell0phane_fl0werz this one makes my heart happy


Wow gorgeous x


This lipstick smells 100% JUST like orange baby asprins!!!!! Delish!!!


Can we have a metallic blue and green 💙💚😍 and throw breakfast at tiffinanys in your lip ammo💅💄 collection please and thank you💋


I love this lipstick to wear alone. It gives the prettiest sheer tint and glimmer. So pretty!!!! ✨✨✨


@kusjexjoellee wat voor jou deze 😍


This was terrible. As my first purchase from jefree Star Cosmetics, I was extremely disappointed. The lipstick felt like sandpaper on my lips and I could not apply it on top of any other lipstick colors because of the formula of The ammunition. I like the idea of this, but the formula of the shade needs a lot of work if you are going to be charging me $18 for a lipstick that I can’t even layer or use. Wearing this alone worked after a million coats, but became sticky and flaky and gross all over soon after. Not a fan.


@mkatiria18 no me gusta mucho


@hollyhope10 same sigh :( should’ve gotten redrum instead of this. The colors of any lipstick I wear stain it also


I regret buying this. I luv Jeffree but this was a waste. Nothing comes off of it. I tried it several times with several liquid lipsticks. And alone. If u wear it alone, it just makes your lips look crusty.


@emily_virgilio I think yes for the holidays & stuff


@hollyhope10 yeaaa its mostly glitter


@kell_williamson I can't get any pigment. It literally rubs off my liquid lipstick. I tried it over Mannequin first.


Cok güzel yahuuu


I finally gave this a try ... niw i need the other one too.. i loveeee this over mannequin and Celebrity Skin


Love 💖


Why does it smell so good

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