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Video by @paulnicklen //Watching humpback whales bubble-net feed is a marvel of nature. They dive out of sight for several minutes, and then you hear their complicated songs reverberate through the hull of the boat—these are the sounds that drive their prey towards the surface. The bubbles rise to the surface and create a perfect ring. Inside that ring are panicked fish attempting to escape. The whales quickly swim through the center of their own bubble trap—mouths agape—swallowing hundreds of pounds of fish. They break the surface while slamming their mouths shut, and then use their massive tongues to push water through their baleen, capturing the life-sustaining protein that is the forage fish they feed on. We watched one whale bubble-net feed for hours. Impressively, it launched its entire body out of the water, again and again. To witness these whales hurling their bodies out of the ocean, #followme on @PaulNicklen // With @CristinaMittermeier for @Sea_Legacy.
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I'm currently wondering what job I want to Pursue I know I want yo work with animals but what job would it take to be able to just be out with animals for most of the time ?


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