Enon Avital

Todah תודה! A mighty thank you to every single one of you for hanging out here with me, encouraging me, meeting irl, and otherwise being awesome. I started this journey thanks to your support (especially looking at you, Elisheva), and even through busy weeks like right now where I’m not taking as much time to create new things here (as it happens, I’m prepping a massive holiday treat for @dappernotes), thank you for sticking around. I appreciate you.
#goodtypetuesday #thanksgiving #typography #hebrewtype #todah #thanks #תודה

Dapper Notes



@e_known lol these days you never know


@broccolitofu Lightly sketched. I’m not a magician 😊😊


Awesome! Did you freehand that or sketch it out on the paper lightly in pencil first?


מדהים ✔️


@soul.soulandpaper 😎אלפי תודות


כישרון על.

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